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Thanks for the birthday wishes , I don't feel as depressed today as usual , my Dr. has me on a different depression pill called Ranitidine 150 MG . Sure makes me foggy but helps . He also upped my lyrica to 200 MG's twice a day after begging him for it , not much help with the pain though.

Fabby - My last option is the pump , but not after I try everything else first. I don't want to jump into something like that for about 10 years I hope. We'll see what this other Dr. does for me. 44 used to seem old to me ...Now I think it's young. Thanks for your support .:)

Carol - I never heard of that place , Hmm must be on the other side of Pitts.
I live about 2 hours from there. Thanks for poting and GOD bless :angel:

Clover - I understand how you feel and I'm very sorry your feeling like this , I'm pulling for you to get better soon and enjoy your life again.

Thank you all for posting to me , your all great.