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The injection on Wed seems to be helping the nerve pain a little after severe pain the first few days. Thanks to those of you who told me to hang in there, it would get better. Still taking the Lyrica and I was able to go to a friends birthday party today for a short period of time!
Reading through the posts I see that so many of us with back problems are in the medical field. I have been fortunate so far in that my hospital and W/C have been very accommodating. I feel so bad for those of you who have not been so lucky with your hospital/companies working with you. Surgeries, pain, meds are bad enough without having to worry about a job when all is said and done.
Has anyone had long term relief from an ESI after a laminectomy, scar tissue and permanent nerve damage?
Everyone have a restful remainder of your week-end.
Hi Deb, that sounds like good news! I hope it keeps working and staves your pain for a while or even forever! I had laminectomies last Sept and found out this past May I have alot of scar tissue in there. I found out because I suddenly got severe sciatica pain again and it was unrelenting. It did calm down a bit over 3 months, but it was still painful. I had a transforaminal nerve block at L5 (in which they also inject steroids as in the epidurals) and it really helped me! That was done in early June. Recently, i've been getting sharp shooting random pains on the top of my left foot and some light pins & needles in my toes while driving...but I havent had any sciatic pain come back :::knock on wood::: However, before I had the shot, I never got pain on the top of my foot, it was all in my outer ankle, outer foot & toes. So I dont know if this top of foot pain is something new again, ughhh. And come to think of it, i've been taking Lyrica, though from what I read mine seems to be small doses (50mg per day) and it's just about done.

It's possible the injection and the med may help you for some time, though it cant be guaranteed, I guess only time will tell. But I wish you lots of luck and hope it lasts.
Thanks for the info Baybreeze. That all sounds very hopeful. If the ESI starts to wear off, I'll definitely look into the nerve block, You seem to have done well with it. I just wonder if those of us with permanent nerve damage will just continue to have recurring nerve pain throughout our lives no matter what we do? I cut back my Lyrica to only 75 mg per day now. I really was having some memory loss..forgot my grandsons name the other day and I don't think it's Alzhimers yet. I don't know if the decreased nerve pain is the ESI, the Lyrica or both. I don't really care....I didn't realize how bad the pain was and how grumpy, unhappy I was until I felt better the last few days. Everyone have a good Monday!:wave: