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I have suffered with this condition for two years now and in April of this year I had the nerves in the right side of the joint ablated via a radio-frequency lesioning treatment at Johns Hopkins Hospital as I live in Maryland. This has helped considerably with the 8-9 level pain I was in on a daily basis and has brought it down to a 3-5. Unlike the SI injections, this treatment lasts for 6-18 months and then has to be repeated one additional time. This is a treatment which is designed to reduce the pain without really getting at the cause of the dysfunction. I am also in PT and my therapist sometimes has to realign the joint. This seems to help especially with that nasty groin pain. I also take 300 mg of Lyrica daily, 150 mg of Topamax, both for nerve pain, and Percocet if I have any throbbing in the joint. I would love to find a PT who is an expert in SI joint dysfunction, however, I live in a rural part of the state and have to take what we have available. But geez, what a rotten way to have to live. My heart goes out to all of us with SI joint dysfunction.