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Sammy, your funny! Good to see you have retained a sense of humor despite all your pain! I can just see you having a can of soup for Thanksgiving dinner.....turkey noodle, I hope. And, I usually have 3 or 4 glasses of wine cooking my dinner; or if we go to my daughters, I have that before she serves dinner! Wine is my drink, although I haven't had much lately because of taking meds. I only have a glass or two when I haven't taken anything. But, when I went to therapy, they didn't do any massaging, just had me doing exercises and laying on an ice pad. The very first appointment I had, the girl did do a short massage after the exercises, but after that I had a guy for my treatments, and he didn't do any massage. After about 5 weeks, I quit going because I didn't feel any better. I ached more when I was done each session..for about three days afterwards. Which med made you loopy? I found the Lyrica made me feel that way, so I don't take it anymore. Actually, I am not taking anything on a regular basis, just pop something as I need it. But, that Valium won't hurt you if you feel you need it to get some sleep. Your sleep is important, especially since your in so much pain all the time.

What would happen if you told your extended family that you weren't cooking this year? Would they be upset? Just wondering, as maybe you need to think about YOU...and perhaps you and hubby and girls can all go out for a nice dinner. I think you spend just as much or more cooking at home. As for me, I just made an appointment for the 2nd epidural shot...next Wednesday. I have that pain under the breast area and right side area back again..big time. Guess the first shot wore off; it's been about two months I think. Have surgery in the back of my mind, but going to ask my neurologist if there are any other options for my back problem. I have read a few posts about people getting nerves burned to help with the pain, but I am not sure what all that involves. Might be a choice other than surgery, so I better check into it. Aye, aye, aye.....don't mention Christmas!!! Dreading it!!!

Take care, and hope you sleep well and feel better.

Hi Sammy, Yes, I agree about the laughter thing; I like to joke and have fun, but not smiling too much these days. Wow, you sure come from a big family! With all those siblings, I would think someone would have a bit of compassion and cook a holiday dinner for a change. See what happens when you spoil them; they rely on you now! But, I am sure you enjoyed doing it. I know I did; I enjoyed having family around and doing things at my house. Unfortunately my family has dwindled, a few of them aren't around anymore, but, I did enjoy it when I felt good. That's funny what your daughter said about being cranky cooking dinner!! The wine does help soothe the long hot morning in the kitchen! I have to agree with people not listening, like your PT. I felt the same way when I was going....it seemed no matter what I told them concerning my pain, they did the same thing every week, which was just some exercises. I didn't think the exercises were doing much except making me sore each time I went. I couldn't see continuing to go every week just to do a few exercises. My rib area doesn't swell, just hurts. It does feel like a soreness, like inside, almost as if I did pull a muscle. But, the funny thing is, it moves around. Yesterday the rib area felt better, but today it hurts like heck, and so does my lower back. I didn't do much yesterday and can't figure why it hurts so much today. Yes, my neurologist said I am probably having some nerve issues going on, stemming from the herniated disc. I interpid that as meaning the herniation must be irritating the nerves and therefore causing all these weird pains. I guess that is what happens as we have nerve's leading all over the place in our body. I also try not to take too much meds, but do when I feel real bad. I don't take that Lyrica anymore..like you, it made me feel strange. Did you ever find out if you have any "bad" disc's in your spine or neck? I read so many posts I forgot what you told me...sorry about that! Hope you have a good visit with the doc on Monday. Be sure to complain a lot to him and let him know your really getting discouraged. Hope your weekend goes good. Let me know what the doc says.