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Hi there. I had a fusion done at the same level over a year and half ago. I too have nerve damage that is permanent which is ONLY a direct result of the fusion surgery. BUT, mine has become quite minimal as compared to many here.. so I am not complaining. In the beginning post op, it was unbearable, so they tried to put me on nerve meds, Neurontin and Lyrica. But I was one of those that suffered extreme adverse effects from both, so I just had to tough out the nerve pain on my own. It eventually reduced to what it is now and can be annoying at times, but for the most part, I am able to ignore it most of the time. then sometimes.. I get the full irritating and nagging nerve pains, when i am flared up.

Have you thought to get another opinion or insist more be done. Did you ask what the point of taking meds for 4 months is supposed to accomplish, then what? And what meds were RX for you anyway?

I am one of the lucky ones that my surgery was quite successful despite my low odds. I returned to work at 7 weeks in the legal field (so my mind had to be sharp), am back at school full-time and trying to keep my home under control.

If you are already enrolled in a school that you have to attend each week, it might be worth a call to your counselor to see if you can get a refund on your tuition due to special medical circumstances which are preventing you from continuing with your cirriculum and if need be, have your doctor scribe them a letter stating your issue and you can't continue at this time.

I had this issue myself when i hurt my back years ago, and I was in so much pain then and was taking meds that clouded my thoughts, that I just couldnt concentrate to complete my studies. But then, I just kept asking for extensions and they gave them to me, but I still was not able to complete my studies and wasted all that money, when I could have withdrawn and should have.

What I am now doing is online schooling with a full cirriiculum. I can work at my own pace, in the luxury of where ever I am most comfortable and if I am not up to it one night.. I just don't and get back at it when I am more able to focus and retain the information. This may be something for you to consider.

Know you are not alone.. all of us on here understand what your going through. It's very hard dealing with all of this, but eventually they will figure out where that pain is coming from and get that better controlled for you.

When was your fusion done?
Thank you so much for your letter. Yes, it is good to know that I am not alone. Sometimes it feels like you really don't know what to do or where to turn. I am so sick of going to doctors until its not funny. My fusion was done last year. The 24th of this month it will be one year. What do you do for the pain when you have really bad days? I know I need to go get another opinion and yes I know I really have to think about enrolling because the doctor told me in no definite terms that "You know if you are in pain you can't think straight!" I just about lost it then. I really don't know what they are trying to prove having me on hydrocodone and lyrica for four months.
I wish I had an answer. I'm in the same boat with the pain except your pain sounds worse. Mine is horrible so I can only imagine how your pain is. Mine is only down one leg. I had my surgery a year ago September 12th. Before surgery I had no leg/nerve pain at all. The dr. said the nerve was tied in a knot so they basically untied it. For months after surgery there was no nerve pain. I did have permanent nerve damage where I can't feel sharp pain in my calf and parts of my foot when they jab me with a pin. That they were not sure would change. So about 9 months after surgery the leg pain started. My last MRI showed what they think is scar tissue pressing on the nerve root. So that is where they think the pain is coming from. Naturally nothing they can do. My Lyrica was pushed up to 300 mg and still not helping. If they take it out, chances are it would grow back. When it gets bad enough I will probably go for the shots but not sure. The surgeon still holds hope the pain will get better. He keeps saying that I had a double fusion and the nerve was pretty inflammed etc. Unfortunately, just more pain meds. I take Oxycodone at night only because I have Narcolepsy also and take amphetamines to stay awake. I'm afraid to mix them together when I need to function during the day. I can't work anymore and took early retirement. I still need to drive so have to be on the ball. I give you credit for wanting to finish school. It is alot of work between being in pain and taking care of your family. I hope you get some relief. Keep us posted.