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update..work related injury June 2...L5-S1 herniation and piece of disc broken off and "free floating..laminectomy June 25 because of nerve pain, decreased reflexes, foot drop and weakness of right leg...improved for 4-5 weeks, then worse..MRI shows scar tissue..EMG shows permanent nerve damage...started Lyrica with some relief...ESI a little over 2 weeks ago with some relief after 4 days....felt much better until this afternoon when I laid on the sofa for a short nap..when I got up my back was hurting with increased nerve pain down the leg into the foot again. Has anyone else had this happen where you feel pretty good and all of a sudden have a relapse? I am scheduled for another ESI on Oct. 17th. I am still in PT. I saw the doc today (before the pain returned) and I am still on 4 hours of sedentary work. Is it possible I have re-herniated the disc somehow? Should I ask for another MRI or just wait it out and have the injection? I am very frustrated since I was starting to feel so much better. My daughter is getting married next week-end and I was so excited to think I might feel good for that, now this!! Any input is appreciated. Everyone have a nice week-end.