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I had a PLIF on july 23 L4-5 l5-S1 I still have a lot of pain and take percocet and Lyrica for nerve pain. I have to go see my daughter on November 3rd, The flight is a total of 4 hours but the longest part is only 3. I know it wa hard for me before surgery.I always took the isle seat. Restless legs, back pain, etc. Any hints to help make this flight better. I dont want to have to fly but 7 months ago my daughter was rear ended and her car was totaled. She was not hospitilizied but did hurt her neck and back. Since then she has been in constant main and getting horrific migraines. She sent me this info:Scott S. Katzman, M.D., P.A.
Advanced Orthopedics Surgical Procedure:Discogram C5-6 C6-7 POSSIBLE ANTERIOR CERVICAL DISCECTOMY C5-6 C6-7
But my Daughter said she was going to have a Facet Thermal Ablation. after the discogram. I live in RI and she is in Florida . She flew up to be with me after my surgery.I cant not be there with her she is 29 but still by baby. Has anyone on this list had it done. Im more scared she will be "like mother like daughter" and wind up with more serious problems. Has any one gone to this DR. He is located in South Florida Orthopaedics and Pain Management
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