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I am looking for some help!!!
I herniated l4-5 disc on the job tried several non-surgical options injections pt vax-d nucleoplasty. Nothing worked. I gave in and had microdicetomy/laminectomy in 6/06. Herniation is gone but i have developed scar tissue around the l5 nerve root. i am seeing chriopracter and ortho doctor at pennsylvania hosptial. I am in worse pain now than before surgery, the pain radiates down left leg and into foot all day and night. I take lyrica which makes me forgettfull and oxycontin but that only takes a small bit of the edge off. New doctor wants to put a spine cord stimulator in to relieve the pain but i am not sold on this, i am told that injections will not work on the scar tissue. I am sure that i am not the only one that has to live this kind of life, so if there is anyone out there with similar symptoms i would like to hear from you. I have three kids and a wonderful wife, but after two years this has taken a toll on all of us, at this time i am not sure why she stays with me. Any thoughts or suggestions
I feel for all of you and believe me I have been there. Just know what works for one may not work for you.

I have had 5 back surgeries. I do have a soinal stimulator that saved my life. However they work on nerve pain but not structural pain. So many people are disillusioned when it doesnt help. Part of this is because 1. there pain is in there back due to the bones or an actual structual deformity or injury.
or 2. the relief you feel is 100% based on where your lead wires are placed. This is entirely on the doctor. You MUST seek out a very very qualified doctor when considering a spinal stimultor implant. meaning someone who has placed many.
I also talked to other patients he had put them in. Also the trial only gave me about 10% of the relief the permament gave me due to the wires not being set.

Nerve pain is so difficult because it doesnt respond to pain medication like other problems. So then we are forced to go routes like lyrica, neurotin, topomax and such which have so many side efffects it is insane.

Good luck to you all and I wish for less pain today than yesterday and more grace tomorrow than today.:angel: