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I went last week to my neurosurgeon for my 3 month checkup. I still have a lot of pain in right buttocks,hip ,thigh and leg and am on Lyrica for same type of pain on left side, Pain Left side stopped right side did not.I was told I would probably have this pain for a very long time because of the length of time I had damage to the nerves in my back. While there I let the NS know I was trying to cut down my use of percocet and start vicodin. He said that was a great idea. After 4 days of vicodin the pain had increased so I was back using my cane to walk in the house and had to take percocet. I called his office and said I would need a prescription for percocet and the secretary called me back and said he would give it to me this time but after this I have to get pain meds from my regular dr. I said OK but while i'm on the phnone what about making my next appointment, She said what appointment. I said HE filled out a work paper saying I could return to work 1/1/08 . She said yes but Unless I developed some problem with my back I'm all set with him. I asked her what if I still have this difficulty with stairs and standing etc when I have to go back to work she then said I guess youll then just have to make an appointment.I thought I would get followups to see if I was fusing. I'm new at this I guess it doesnt matter one way or the other. I do hope in 3 months I do a great big improvement because the pain and difficulty now scare me when it comes to trying to work. DO other drs follow up to see if you fuse. Does it matter if you do or not?:confused: