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Hope your procedure goes well. I saw an ortho that specializes in foot, ankle, and knee problems about my lower leg and foot numb-type, tingling, twingy feeling mainly in the feet. I thought it might be some peroneal nerve problem, but he seems to think it's coming from my back. He used to do back surgery, so seems to have a good grasp of things I've been thru. He gave me Lyrica for nerve pain and an appointment for orthotics. I see him in 6 weeks, so we'll see.
I went back to work after 1 week... I have 4 children and could not afford to be off any longer than that! My PM doctor wants for me to at least cut back to working only a couple of days a week, but there again I can not afford that either so I work! I take a lot of medication... I am prescribed for pain 3 80mg Oxycoltin, 6 10mg Percocets, 2 150mg Lyrica and 2 to 4 Zanaflex before bed. I have learned to function while taking the medication. I do still hurt thru all of the meds tho, I also have the tears in my cervical spine and an impinged nerve there too ( I had IDET at L4) L5 was leaking to but he just wanted to do one at a time, I am glad he did not do both! I sure hope that you will feel better soon and be back to work soon. I honestly do know how bad it hurts!!!! If I didn't have so much financial responsibility I would not work at all. If you didn't have to be off work 5 months before you can apply I would apply for SSDI but can't do that either. Wow I am sorry that was so long... Hope it helped a little :)