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how am i feeling ---terrible the pain is so bad sometimes that my whole side doesn't work. when my surgen saw the reprrt he said oh no one herniates the thoric spine well hello , so he sent me to his pm which said he only does shots and that mine are in too dangerous an area gave me one month of 25 fentayl patch and dismissed me then went to another neur who said e usually sends people like me to my surgen laugh out loud he wouldn't even renew the f p presc. tryed to give me lyrica even though i told him i get very bad side effects from this i finnally got an app. with pm tommorrow but i am so sure i will be given the run around again, if they won't fix me via surgery then i know what helps fent. pat. with bt but i am so sure that either he will say cann't help or pt which they really cann't do much as i am also recovering from 2 neck sur. i made my pt with swimming and worked so well for the neck that doc said no pt do it yourself. i also have issue with the lumber all are herniated with 4-5 stenonic oh the pain why don't doc listen my pcd is the one who surgested the patch but he cann'tg write it as he is a pa and the group he works for won't allow it. god how i hope tommorrow goes well oh forgot i also have c6-7 hern. and compressing the cord what do i do just rol over and die:mad: