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[QUOTE=GracefulOne;3287274]Just wanted to share because I know there are a few of us that are having piriformus and SIJ type symptoms.

I was referred to a physiatrist who has done alot of research on the piriformus and it's relation to back & hip pain. After discussing the amount of hip and SI Joint pain I've had even after my fusion as well as after not having any relief from an SI Injection, he decided he'd like to try a piriformus injection.

I had the piriformus injection three weeks ago today and well it is already wearing off, I could definately notice a difference in the amount of hip and SI pain I had while it was working.

Due to the fact that steroid injections have a very short acting result on me, our next step is to try a Botox injection done in conjunction with an EMG and possible nerve conduction study which is scheduled mid November.

I'm interested to hear if anyone with similar symptoms has tried either the piriformus ESI or Botox and what their results have been.
My husband, disabled retired Navy veteran, has excrutiating muscle spasms down legs, peripheral neuropathy left leg, has many types of treatments tried. Therapy for lymphedema affecting "reservoir" in lower back helped. Other therapists said use tennis balls to roll onto nerve and/or lower back stop or prevent spasms (this works); I sometimes get him on floor, thenuse elbows, knees, or rump to put pressure on nerve area just under hip bones; all these help. much more information available. "Piriformus Syndrome" diagnosed by spinal specialist. Neurosurgeon can do, too. Rare and hard to diagnose. Started with years of recurring lower back pain after severe motorcycle accident. SI injections only helped 6 weeks. Took more than 25 years to get diagnosis; correct therapy helping. Excrutiating nerve pain eased by medications Lyrica and Toradol. REMOVED