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:(Hi All, well I'm not going back to my pain management doc. I had my second opinion with an orthopeadic doc. and won't go into to many details but it was a complete waste of my time he was of no help said he couldn't help me,I think I made the mistake of telling him I was there for a second opinion he heard that and I don't think he wanted to take on my case, so I'm not going back. With all of that happening, my pain doc. wanted to do more injections given the fact that my past injections have not helped but have made me worse I saw a red flag that told me not to go back.
Now I'll back up for a bit, the second opinion doc. did shed some light on one of my problems, he did tell me that given the fact with all my immune problems that I have my nerves are shot, my immune system is attacking my nerves and for anyone to do injections around my nerves will not help me and he advised against any such procedures, you see I have lupus, RA, OA, sjogrens, raynauds, I have had nerve issues in the past which docs have never come to the conclusion why I have gotten all the nerve problems, from carpal tunnel both hands, ulnar nerve both arms, trigger fingers. So everytime I have a disk that goes bad and it affects my nerves my pain levels are more so then the average so-called person. He did tell me that I need to go back to my rheumatologist and get treated more effectively.

So with all of this of course I've been looking for a new rheumy, I went to my family doc. and had a good consultation appointment with him, and I must say I got further with him then I did with my pain management doc. He put me on Lyrica for pain, and is getting me off the pain meds the narcotics, he said that the next time I go in for surgery pain meds won't help me because I've been on them for so long and that is why they aren't helping me anymore because my body is so used to them, and due to the fact that most of my pain is coming from my nerves he said let's try Lyrica, he was very annoyed that my pain doc. has not done this at all.

I'm also to go for tests on my thyroid I took notice two weeks ago that the front of my neck is grossly enlarged at first I thought I was imagining it but I wasn't, he is also sending me for an ultrasound of my thyroid, plus repeat MRI's of my neck and lumbar, neck due to the fact that I'm having the neck and head numbness, and lumbar given the fact that it's almost a year and that my disks are degenerating at a very fast pace, he was amazed that last year when I had my neck fusion in June my disk was still a disk but when I got operated on in Sept it completed collapsed he said that is very quick for a disk to go so fast, he said having RA and OA, and I have alot of arthritis in my back is not good.

So I'm keeping up with my family physician, I found a new rheumatologist through a friend of a friend I go in December to see her, and tests in two weeks hopefully things will get figured out.
So that is where I'm at, I've got to stick it out for several more weeks, and hang tough.
Hope you all are ok, for those that are going in for operations or procedures good luck to you, I wish you speedy recoveries, and that all your procedures give you less pain.
If I'm not here often it's not that I have nothing to say it's just that I'm in a lot of pain or my immune system has me down and out.
But I do think of all of you often.
Hi Tulip, and God Bless You! You sure have a lot going on, and it is so disheartening that you haven't come up with anything or anybody to help you. I am glad your family doctor listened, and I hope the Lyrica will give you some relief from your pain. Good luck on your upcoming tests. It is good that your getting the thyroid checked out. Just wanted to wish you the best and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Thanks Judy, I'll keep ya posted.
I do have a question tho for anyone, does lower back problems cause groin pain?
I get this from time to time and at times when it hits it's severe it's a very sharp stabbing grabbing type of pain.
started on the Lyrica really threw me for a loop for the first three days, now today I feel like I'm starting to get used to it, I'm on the lowest dose so I can't tell yet if it's helping the nerve pain, I'm to stay on the low dose for 21 days this is because my body does take a long time to get used to medications because of my immune system, and then my doc. will increase the medication if I need it to be.
It's weird I'm almost off my pain meds and I knew they weren't working anymore because my pain levels are the same, that darn pain doc. just wouldn't listen to me.
You all have a nice day.
Tulip, im happy that your family doc is at least listening to you and helping to guide you in a new direction! There needs to be more docs like that around. You certainly do have alot of going on so Im sure that makes things harder to pinpoint what is causing your pain. Of course it could be all of it affecting things at once. I have read that thryoid problems can cause nerve problems as well as arthritic pains, so it is good you are having that checked into. I read in particular thryoid problems can cause carpal tunnel symptoms.

As for your other other question, YES, back problems can definitely cause groin pain. My last disc herniation(s) caused me terrible nerve pain in both hips and both sides of my groin! I could hardly walk. While standing, it felt as if I had a huge boulder sitting on my hips pressing down on me. With the pain I have now, it's more so in my left upper hip area and slightly radiates to my left groin. I usually get herniations in L3-L4 and L4-L5, but I think this time it's higher up. I feel it higher up in my spine, too, at least I felt where the local burning pain was. Actually I just looked at a dermatome map, and it appears it might be from L1 or L2. I know my last MRI showed bulging at this level for me, so maybe it's finally herniated, I dont know. I havent been to my spine doc's PM yet. Im hoping it will go away like the last time.

A few months ago, I still had some hip/groin pain that didnt totally go away. My rheumy gave me lyrica to try (but I went to him for all over joint pain & fever) and he told me Lyrica might help my muscles, whatever). Well I tried it, and it seemed to lessen my nerve pain in my hips a little bit. I was taking a lower dose each day, i think it was 50mg. He also sent me for another round of blood tests. The office never called me back, either. It seems to me like he doesnt want to bother with me anymore. I mean I do, afterall, still have arthritis in my spine, and he is supposed to treat arthritis, my spine surgeon cannot treat arthritis. But whatever, I think I need to find a new rheumy also. I also might have lupus, but one day he said he thinks I have it, then yrs later he comes off as if I dont.

Anyway, sorry for my babbling. I hope you have some luck with the new doctor and hope you can find some sort of pain relief! I'll keep you in my thoughts.