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Hi friends,
MRI yesterday shows:
*Broad disc protrusion of the L5-S1 level with persistent narrowing of the right L5-S1 foramen
*scar tissue around the right aspect of the thecal sac at L5-S1
*mild persistent compromise of the right lateral recess by broad disc protrusion.
*broad diffuse disc protrusion with mild narrowing of the foramina bilaterally at L3-L4
* mild diffuse protrusion of L4-L5 without narrowing
* right S1 nerve root enhances (accoring to doc it means the nerve root is inflammed, irritated, injured)

So no surgery needed. Meanwhile the nerve pain is still screeching at me. He started me on Neurontin (stopped the Lyrica since I can't take it and work) and has suggested a sympathetic nerve block. I'm not sure what that is but it doesn't sound pleasant. I have gotten no long term relief from the two ESI's and I'm wondering if I should have this procedure?
Doc has kept me on 4 hour shifts, still in PT, will soon want a WCT?? Is that correct?? Test which tells him what I can and can't do. The PT feels the right leg weakness is from permanent nerve damage and not disuse, since I am not bed ridden and still working..up and about.
Anyway, sorry to go off on my tangent. Anyone have any comments on my MRI? Any input on sympathetic nerve blocks??
Thanks and have a good night.