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I have been reading many of your messages and can relate to a lot of them. My question (and concern) is that I have a herniated disc (L5-S1) that has been bothering me for about 4 years now. I also have degenerative disc disease and arthritis in my neck. The pain can be excruciating at times and is constant. It interferes with my daily routines, not to mention my mood. I take hydrcodone (7.5x4/day) and recently a med called Lyrica that is mostly prescribed for people suffering from nerve pain associated with diabetes. The pain has now gone into my buttocks and down my right leg (sometimes my left) making it difficult to walk sometimes. My doctors wants to send me for a spinal block injection but I feel that this is just a temporary fix. My husband and I have discussed surgery and are back and forth with it, considering we know of someone that has had an unsuccesful surgery. However, our only reason to consider it now, is that I am 33 and that the possibly of recovery may be greater than if I wait until I am older and less likely to heal quicker. I am a homemaker and have 3 children that are my concern. 7 and 8 yr. old boys and a 9 month old daughter. I am extremely busy and have no time (or sitter) for PT, even though I've tried many times with PT prior to having my third child. I do walk and do stretches, but to no avail. Any words of advice???