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The doctor had me on lyrica for the nerve pain down my leg and foot, which worked very minimal and wasn't worth the higher money required by my insurance company to buy. My pain doctor switched me to neurontin, and I would have to say it is working excellent. Where lyrica might have reduced the pain about 10 to 15%, neurontin has dropped it at least 50%. My legs and foot feel much better, and it has a much cheaper copay. Lyica gave me a mid-day drowsiness which caused me to spend most of the afternoon yawning. Once I switched to neurontin, that went away. The affects of neurontin vs. lyrica seem to be confirmed when recently I ran out of neurontin and switched to lyrica for a few days, the pain in my leg went back to being unbearable and the I found my self yawning all afternoon. I would have to say I am quite happy with neurontin, I also do not notice any side effects. As for your other questions, you should probably consult a doctor about starting it. Hope this helps and hope you feel better.