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[QUOTE=babyboomer6;3306143]I think I have failed back surgery, as I have excruciating pain in my lower to middle back. Also all the way down to my buttocks and hips. I had a double fusion instrumentation 14 months ago. And the past 6mo. have been hell on earth. It only felt good the first few weeks out of surgery. I will have a MRI JAN. 4TH. (SECOND OPINION) MY FIRST SURGEON TOLD ME NOT TO COME BACK AFTER MY 5MO. CHECK-UP, AS ALL WAS WELL. Hmmm? Just want to know if anyone has had this and what there symtoms are. boomer

I'm your twin. LOL Had a double fusion 14 months ago (Sept 2006). Also had disectomy and Laminectomy. Have 2 rods and 6 screws. For the first few months I started feeling good. Then in Dec. 2006 the pain started. It just keeps getting worse and worse. I had two MRI's and all normal except some intramuscular edema which is nothing supposedly. I did not have pain down my leg before the fusion. Had an EMG which shows mild nerve damage. Did not even feel them put the needle in. I've been living on Oxycodone, Skelaxin and Lyrica since Dec. 2006. I just had an epidural shot yesterday. My leg is killing me. But I read that if it hurts alot that it means the shot is where it is suppose to be. They tell me it is probably scar tissue pressing on the nerve root. If you remove it, it just comes back. They think the shots may lessen the pain by 50 percent. Who knows. I was the one that asked for Pain Management. They were just content enough to keep giving me pain meds over and over. Feel better.