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I talked to my doctor about the pain I have 24/7, he put me on Lyrica. I think its helping somewhat with the pain, its improved some, I can sit for a little bit longer now that 5 minutes at the computer-yeah!!!

But I feel loopy, like I'm high or drunk, hard to concentrate. I sometimes bump into things and if I get up during the night I'm unstable walking-not good. So I finally find something to help me ease the pain some but have to pay with the side effects, maybe they will eventually go away. Good thing I'm not allowed to drive, I couldn't imagine driving while taking this and also all the other medications I'm on.

Thankfully I did most of my Christmas shopping before my surgery and the rest I did online. My family has been great understanding and supporting me. They do the wash, vacuum and other stuff for me, my husband even helped me wrap gifts yesterday!

Well I hope everyone has a painfree Christmas and a joyous one.
God bless and Merry Christmas all!

Mew, I am glad that you are having positive results with the lyrica and I pray that things calm down for you soon.