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Hi Scorpia,

I'm sorry that your dealing with so much pain and so many dr.s. Just going to 1 dr. can get old, but then having to deal with the ins., dr and 3 to boot. That makes me hurt already!!

I hope that this dr. will concur with the others and see that you've tried all other alternatives. This is a big surgery and recovery is tuff, but if you can get the relief, then it's worth it. You have 3 levels bad, thats alot of pain.

Have your dr.s tried you on any nerve meds? Like Neurontin (gabapentin, generic name)? Or Lyrica? If not, ask your dr. about it.
Hold your head up, and pray for what you need. I'll add you to my prayer list in hopes of some relief.

Take care and good luck to you.