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Hey there:
I have similar probs to you (am post-surgery though) and also have a demanding desk job and trouble sitting. Pre-surgery I couldn't sit for more than 20 minutes without feeling like I wanted to chew my legs off. Post-surgery I can sit through the day as long as frequent walks around the office every couple of hours. Still, I lie down as soon as I get home and by Friday, I am a mess. As for the TENS unit, you might find that it helps some but it's by no means a cure-all. I actually wore mine to work and it did help some but in time the level of relief diminished. One trick I learned was that if you're going to wear it throughout the day it helps to change the settings so that you can continue to "fool" your nerves into distracting the pain signals. Hope it helps!

I'm a year and a half post-surg and the surgery helped tremendously with the leg pain at first. Sadly, I now have some weird inflammation of S1 that is causing the leg pain again. Epi steroids haven't helped, nor has Lyrica and now they want to implant a spinal cord stimulator in me. I'm waiting it out to see if I can manage it with some less-invasive option (whatever that might be).

By the way I have also done aquatic therapy and it worked wonders for me prior to my surgery. Good luck with that!