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Thanks for the advise from all. I thnk I will get a second opinion before surgery because I don't want to be cut on and then be worse afterwards. I am just frustrated that the burning in my left leg is getting worse. I started taking Lyrica today but I feel really drunk in a bad way and I cant even walk straight (I hope this side affect goes away in a day or 2). My first Neuro said not to have surgery but I have tried everything and that is why I scheduled a surgery based on the 2nd Neuros recommendation

Avalon, ALIF stands for Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusioin and they go in from the front and basically put a type of metal cage in the disc space between my l5 and s1 and then it will have something that makes the bones fuse. I have read alot about it on the internet and it sounds like I am a good candidate for this but I think I will ask my Physical Med doctor to refer me to another Neuro for a 3rd opinion.
[QUOTE=Avalon;3351425]Oh Byram, I completely understand how the pain ruins your quality of life. I am depressed, miserable and snippy most of the time as well.

I am not an expert or medical professional so please don't take my word as gospel. That said, my understanding was that a micro-diskectomy was the least complicated surgery and the one they usually try before the more drastic step of a fusion. In my case, the diskectomy didn't help at all, and I'm not a candidate for spinal fusion because all of my disks are degenerated.

Sounds like Neuro 2 didn't think a diskectomy would help...? What does he say in the letter about it?

The letter is long but near the end it says the options of back bracing and a trial of Lyrica were presented to the patient. The options include microdiscectomy, anterior lumbar interbody fusion, posterior lumbar fusion, and TranS1 AxiaLIF. The patient will undergo a trial of back bracing with Lyrica. Should the Symptoms persist, I would recommend a Lumbar Fusion at the L5/S1 segment as the best option to eliminate the back and leg pain.

I guess I was probably the one who said "when can we do it" since all of my out of pocket has been met for the year and the surgery will not cost me a dime, but he was the one who aggreed to do it on Dec 27th but he also saw the pain on my face and in my voice.

My mother has had many back surgeries including 3 disc removed over time and I know the recovery is long and the pain is probably lifelong because she still has back problems but she said that after her 1st back surgery (unsure what was done) she was still in alot of pain but when she went for her 2nd back surgery about 25 years ago (it was a fusion of the L5/S1) she said she thinks she got about 8 good years without cronic pain and if I can get that I will be happy, of course I'll take as many years as I can get.