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Hey Klwass,
I've posted before on your thread and our stories are almost exactly the same except I am L5-S1 and I am 6 months post surgery. Sorry to hear about your visit...doesn't sound like you got any good news. Have you seen an orthopedic surgeon at all? They usually specialize in the lumbar spine. Maybe a second opinion would help. They have tried ESI's x2 with me and various meds....Lyrica, Neurontin, Ultram, Percocet, Cymbalta. Unfortunately a lot of meds do not agree with me but a low dose of Neurontin has helped somewhat. Have they tried you on any of those meds? They just did a sympathetic nerve block on me on Wed. and I'll let you know how well this works if at all. Good luck, sounds like your doc just sort of wrote you off. I'd get a second opinion.