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I have had 3 back surgeries and still in extreme pain. In June I had 2 discs removed and titanium cages inserted with a fusion was in the hospital and rehab for 6 weeks. Thought this is it, I'm going to have a normal life again. Well, that was not the case still in extreme pain, had a CT and MRI and was back in the operating room again in Nov, they removed fragments pressing on the nerves.

So I definitely thought this was it...no again. I have not been able to drive since June, can't sit for more than 15 minutes or walk. I use a walker and a wheelchair. I am in pain 24/7 and take oxycottin, vicoden, and vallium.

I happened to be in my wheelchair Christmas shopping and a complete stranger started talking to me, she had 3 neck surgeries and asked if I was on Lyrica for nerve pain. I told her I was on all kinds of painkillers but not that. She told me she was a nurse and believed that I am suffering from nerve pain and to talk to my doctor. He gave me a script for the Lyrica but the insurance company has to approve it (WC case) so I have not had the chance to take it yet.

Can anyone tell me if they have taken this drug for nerve pain and has it helped with the pain? I can't take this pain anymore, I can't do anything, I must depend on others....and my husband and children are very supportive, but I really hate depending on others....I just want my life back and be able to normal things like go out to dinner, play with my grandchildren, and I have another one on the way.

Hi Mew. I'm assuming b/c you've had fusion surgeries you have problems with your sciatic nerve, right? Have you ever taken any drugs to calm your sciatic nerve? Some common ones are neurontin, lyrica and topamax. I started out on neurontin, honestly, I didn't care for that one. I took lyrica for 14 months (6 mths before fusion surgery and 8 mths after fusion surgery). Now I take topamax b/c one of the side effects is weight loss. I liked lyrica. They say lyrica can make you gain weight but I didn't gain weight while taking it. I had no bad side effects. I would say that it's not going to take all your pain away but I think it will help your pain, it will calm down your sciatic nerve. I'm surprised your doctor has never recommended a nerve relaxer. Call your doctor and talk to him or her about it. When you're a spiney every little bit helps! Good luck :).
Hi Mew:

Sorry to hear about all of your surgeries! I had a fusion a year and a half ago and am still having nerve pain. In fact, I just had a CT today and my fingers are crossed that my fusion actually fused because now my doctor is having some doubts. In any event, I had some relief from the surgery for a while but the pain came back in spades a few months ago. My doc put me on Lyrica a month ago and I am just starting to see some reduction in the nerve pain in my legs and feet. However, I am having some pretty uncomfortable side effects, like trouble thinking clearly and feeling kind of "stoned" throughout the day. For now I am putting up with it and I hope the side effects pass as I get used to the drug. It sure is making my job more difficult, but at least I can sit for longer periods of time while I am taking Lyrica.

Good luck with it if you do indeed try it.

Hi Mew, I have tried lyrica, neurontin & elavil. They either didn't work for me or the side effects were bad enough (loopy) that I couldn't take them. My Doctor gave me Cymbalta and it has worked very well. It is an antideppresent as some of the others were but is also used to treat neuropathy in diabetics (I am not). I am on W/C also and they fought paying for it (very expensive), but once my Doctor wrote a letter of medical necessity they shut up. We are all different in whats works for some doesn't work for others but if you are having nerve pain your doctor can help. Take care and hope this helps.

Hi Mew,
Glad to hear they approved the Lyrica. I took it briefly and it didn't agree with me. I was also very loopy...driving and couldn't remember where I was going. Also some tremors. They switched me to Neurontin and I do a little better with that although I can only take it at night because I can't work on it. But I am very sensitive to all meds. I also take Cymbalta (low dose) and I think it has helped a little. Everyone responds differently to meds so hopefully the Lyrica will allow you to be pain free. Good luck and keep us posted!