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Thank you all! I'm on pins and needles waiting for results (or, more appropriately on pins and rods!). My CT did not have contrast, nor did my last MRI. My doc also gave me the "you're the poster child for fusion" story so I hope he's right. Right now I don't feel like being on a poster though. :(:

Thanks for your resposes, all. I'm sorry to hear your sad story, Roy, and I hope they figure out what's going on with you. Chris, I never heard of temporary hardware -- you must have gold plate in there! I have tons of hardware in me, both neck and back, and am happy to leave it there as long as it doesn't cause me any problems. Pepper and Chatter, thank you also for your experiences.

This may sound weird but I hope the CT shows something that explains the pain (and not anything that requires opening me up again). I'm weary of all the non-answers I'm getting these days. My doc asked me if I've had an EMG (um...no...he never prescribed one post-surgery) so maybe he'll send me for one if the CT is clean.

***venting part of post...feel free to skip****
Today was a nasty pain day. I worked late last night and completely forgot to take my Lyrica when I got home. Of course taking the Lyrica is affecting my memory. Ha! Tonight I bitched at my husband over nothing, shoved my dog when he tried to get some scraps from the table, and feel like a real baddie. Thankfully both have forgiven me. I've started taking Vicoden again at night and swear it's keeping me awake, but who the heck knows anymore with the meds and the pain. Grrrrrrr!

Will post when I know results.