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Hey, Suzy-Q. It's old home week. I remember you so fondly from all of the help you gave me in Spring of 06 when I had my fusion. You, Justoneofus(my surgery-date twin), kitkat and shawley really calmed me down before it and helped me after it. You were heading to Boston at that time I remember to deal with your failed fusion.

I'm so glad neurontin is working for you! I just tried Lyrica for the squirrels in my legs but with no success. Maybe if I fed them some acorns they would go away.

Happy holidays!

[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Talk about oldies but goodies, lol, so glad to hear from you Schragie, Suzy-Q & Roy. Suzy it's been a long long time, glad to see your ok. My pain releif is ok as long as I do nothing, lol, that's not very often. I wouldn't give up my lyrica for anything in the world, it has been my life preserver.
The neurontin (2700 mg a day) had me very disfunctional, forgot my name half the time and didn't drive at all then. I take 450 lyrica a day now, thats supposed to be a high dose. It does pretty good when you compare it to not having it. The cold is a BIG problem for the nerve pain but you learn to live with it I guess.

Diet pepper, I agree with the squirrels, OMG! We have 4 dogs & 4 cats & hamster. My dogs all walk rather well most times, but the big one took off for a dog he thought was a threat to me so It's hard for me to be mad at him. The other 3 are lil, one long hair Chihuahua, one short Chihuahua and one terrier/pekingnese mix, the big one is a shepard/collie mix. My hubby works at the humane society so we are always involved with animals somehow. I foster motherless kittens, hence the screename. Just got done with 2 that were abandoned in front of the corner store. It's hard to give them up after you spend so much time with them but I can't imagine not doing it.

Anyway, sorry got off track a bit.

Roy, wow, sounds like they put you thru the ringer. Glad to hear thats all it was and not something worse. Those muscle spasms can be brutal. I'm getting one dead in the middle of my spine when I walk a lil while, what fun! Normal people don't have any idea what we live with that we dont' talk about.

I'm so glad this board is here to turn to, what would we do without it.

Hope you all have a great holiday.

God Bless