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Hi! I have facet joint degeneration due to arthritis. I had an injection into the facet joint and developed increased pain that did not go away. It was awful!

The pain you are having could be nerve pain. You should try icing your back as any inflammation in your lower back can cause the sciatic nerve pain.

Also, go back to doing your stretches and if it continues, ask your doc if it could be nerve pain , if it is you can try lyrica, a med used for nerve pain and it works pretty good for my sciatic pain.

Good Luck! Hope you are feeling better soon.
Hi Jen and thanks for the advice.

Actually, ice is my best friend and I lie on it a lot. Lyrica, sadly, did not work great for me and I just went off it this weekend due to side effects. I hadn't thought it was working at all, but having gone off it, I can certainly say it did help some. It took two days for my brain to de-fog but I can think again after all of the cognitive side effects.

I am so sorry to hear your injection did not work (and actually made you worse). I have never felt worse after an injection, but I've had so many of them and never truly felt better for more than a week or two from any of them.

Do you have pain in your legs from the facet arthritis? Besides stretching, ice and Lyrica, does anything else help with the pain? I slapped on some Lidoderm patches here and there over the weekend and had some relief in the spots where I placed them, but the pain is in so many places that I can't really use them everywhere. I also used my TENS unit with no success.

Do you find that you are okay when you wake up and get progressively worse during the day? That has been my experience.
Hey Spine Sisters!

Thanks for your support and sharing your stories. Although my surgeon didn't want me to come in for an appt (weird!) he did answer my email.

He wants me to get a facet joint injection (surprise surprise) and also possibly a selective nerve root block because the stenosis could be causing leg pain. As for other treatments, he said there is experimental facet replacement only in europe (my wish to buy a package of facet joints at the hardware store was more like a premonition!) and that spondyltic bony ridging means I have bone spurs from degeneration.

He wants me to get a sport model corset from a durable surgical supply store
and is sending me to a pain management guy who is on my new health plan and conveniently located to my office. Not too shabby, eh?

I'm trying to keep a good attitude these past few days and try not to focus on the pain While I certainly can't ignore it, I had a much better day today pain-wise.

Bay, it's so nice that your boss is so supportive. I just got a new boss at work and the company I work for is going through a merger so I'm working like a dog to prove myself to new management. My new boss knows I have a back problem and need to take time for doc appts, but I work a million hours anyway so she doesn't mind. My work suffered for a few weeks while I was trying out dopey pills (Lyrica) but I must be an excellent faker because no one seemed to notice but me. I really push myself at work but I am also supporting my husband and me and I think I have real issues about being perceived as disabled in any way. Pre-surgery I had to use a cane and needed help getting out of chairs at work and I was mortified. Now I am outwardly fine, slight limp on bad days when I have shooting pain, but no one knows what I'm going through and I don't want them to.

My coworkers and friends are supportive so I think my issues are mine and not theirs. The truth is people ask me how I feel all the time and I just say that I'm coping or "hanging in there". I do get angry though when people ask me if I've tried herbal remedies or have been to a chiro or acupuncturist. I've done all those things and I wouldn't let a chiro near me now with a ten foot pole.

Chatter -- baked alaskan pain management didn't work for me, but ice does so I'm staying chilly these days!

Carol -- everyone's different with pain and I suspect that many on this board are in far more pain than I am. I have taken a couple of leaves from work -- one doc had me on bed rest for a month and I worked from home lying down, which was no picnic. If I asked for it, I could probably get permission to work from home one or two days a week but I get really sad not being a part of the world. Some weekends I barely leave the house because I feel like i have to recover from the workweek, but hey, I need to put food on the table and kibble in the dog and cat dishes. I have 3 dogs, 2 cats and a parrot and they keep me in good spirits just watching them when I don't feel well. Plus my puppy is always trying to lick my ice pack.

I hope everyone has a good day tomorrow and thanks again for cheering me up!

Hi! I agree, lyrica causes all sorts of crazy side effects. I am trying to stick with it, hoping my body gets used to it soon.

I do have pain in my right leg from the facet arthritis. I have developed a limp on the right side, prior to surgery, and still maintain it after surgery. I also since surgery have developed moderate sciatic pain all the way down the right leg from the hip to the ankle. That is what I am taking the lyrica for.

I havent found anything that helps besides the ice, stretching, and lyrica. If you find anything that helps, let me know!

Before surgery, I did notice that I was better in the morning then got worse and worse throughout the day. I dont think I was ever pain free, but after resting/sleeping it did feel somewhat better.

Now, after surgery, I have the same amount of pain throughout the day. I am hoping that will go away in time. I am still limping, so am worried that I am not cured, but everyone tells me to be patient. My surgery was sept 27th.