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Hi Schragie,
I don't feel sleepy from the flexiril at all, I don't think I ever did. I didnt' really think I needed it either but I can tell you if I skip a dose i'm like all bent over trying to find that comfort zone. My spasms are all in my back once in a blue moon they are in my bad leg but not very often at all. All meds are lifetime meds at this point in time, until the medical profession comes up with something that can help me I'm on these darn things forever. I take 450 mg lyrica a day, 30 mg flexiril a day, one 10/500 lortab every 6 hrs. So you see why the flexiril is a minor thing for me. With all that I still am in pain most the time but at a much lower level than without the meds.

I'm really fearing that I may need to have the lortab or the lyrica increased since I'm having alot more bouts of increased pain that last month or so. My darling 75 lb dog pulled me while walking him a month ago and I'm still not recovered from that. Had to go on the prednisone pack to see if it will help, finished it last week but no relief yet.

Well now that I've written a book guess I should close.

Good luck I hope you feel better soon.

God Bless