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[QUOTE=hearts4120;3359711]When I left the hospital my surgeon had me on percocet 5/325 one or two tablets every 4 hours.* I had enough for 8 days.** On my post op (Wednesday) they switched it to vicodin 5/500 one every six hours. Enough to last a week then he will put me on Darvocet.** I cannot take Darvocet usually it kicks off migraines for me.** I am having awful nerve pain and they told me thats all they can do for me, thats it.* I wish sometimes they understood the* pain, I mean really truly understood it.**
I think I will have to get a second opinion about this nerve pain and probably go back to my pain management doctor if the nerve pain is not improved soon.
When I got to my post op on Wednesday his assistant and his nurse told me the surgeon bragged all week how well my surgery went. Which is good, but why are my legs in such bad shape??

[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][SIZE="4"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]Hi Hearts. I'm sorry your surgeon has dropped the ball, so to speak. It seems to be a callous, common practice among spine surgeons.

My NS sent me home from the hospital on Lortab (7.5, 2 every 6 hrs), when I called his nurse a few days later and complained she said to try to 'tough it out' b/c it was a pain med she could call into the pharmacy and b/c she didn't have to bother my dr. At my 2 wk check-up I told the nurse AGAIN how much pain I was in and that time she said, "you had a HUGE surgery, you're going to be in pain for a while". My dr. gave me oxy ER and percocet (10/325) for b/t pain.

If you don't mind me asking why did you have surgery? A Fusion?

I don't understand why your dr sent you home with percocet, then gave you vicodin and will give you darvocet next week. He seems to be all over the place with the pain meds. Have you ever tried oxycontin? It's extended release oxycodone, similar to percocet except it doesn't have the tylenol and it controls your pain up to 12 hours. It's probably one of the best pain meds on the market. I like it b/c it is long-lasting.

Ask your doctor to put you on oxy with percocet or vicodin for breakthrough pain.

Do you take anything for nerve pain? Have you ever taken anything for nerve pain? If you have nerve pain, talk to your dr about this too. Nerve pain is the worst. There are many drugs on the market today that can help relieve, or at the very least lessen, your nerve pain. I've tried neurontin, lyrica and now I'm on topamax. I love topamax. I would recommend it.

Talk to your doctor. Make him listen to you and take you seriously. Good luck and please keep us updated.