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This is the neuro-surgeon who has done all my operations from my ulnar nerve surgeries, to my two cervical fusions, and I've gone through the pain management route, I went through the epidural injections the RFA procedure just this past Sept and nothing has helped. I actually just a few weeks ago because I was at my wits end with my pain management specialist because all he would prescribe was narcotics, I went to my family physician, he took me off the narcotics, and put me on Lyrica, and I'm finally starting to see some relief in the nerve pain and it is helping me sleep at night. In fact I kept complaining to my pain doc. that i couldn't sleep because of the pain and he would never do anything about it, just kept me on the pain meds, in fact when he did the RFA procedure he even commented to me during the procedure that he could tell by the ct-picture of my lower back that I probably wasn't sleeping good at night because I am loaded with bone-spurs and still he wouldn't prescribe anything, go figure........................

The hospital that I was going to is #1 in the USA it is a teaching hospital, but what I have found is that they have the poorest bed-side manners ever, but my neuro-surgeon didn't. I was seen by several of the doctors at this hospital and their bed-side manners are awful plus they have the attitude that because they are the best that they are all hot S****............if you know what I mean. Now tho, I must say I was always taken care of very well by the staff in the hospital after my surgeries, I never had a problem, the hospital itself is clean, and so forth.
I honestly don't think my neuro-surgeon knows what to do with me, plus I also think that he knows what is going on with my head numbness and doesn't want to address it because it has something to do with my last fusion, especially since it all started three months after my surgery when I started complaining about it, and now I've been dealing with it for a year, and it continually gets more and mroe progressive.

So now I"m back to square one, I think when I find someone new, I just may have to say I just moved to this area, and not tell exactly where my previous surgeries were done, because I agree with you all that I don't think anyone will be willing to take on my case especially since I've already had two fusions done by a local hospital already.

I'm at my wits-end with all of this, and I really didn't need this right before christmas, it's really putting a damper on everything. I've had it................

Hey Chatter:
Thanks for the support. This stuff appears to be working so I'm very excited! Whether I can tolerate it in the long term and work is another story, but next week is a short work-week with most people off so it shouldn't be too hard.

Isn't it funny how drugs work differently for different people? Cymbalta has been good to me in terms of the depression that accompanies the pain, though it never made much of a difference with depression. I tried both Topamax (my hub called it Dopamax) and Lyrica and both made me so wasted I was getting lost everywhere. I totally relate to the having your personality back. When I went off Lyrica I was so excited when my head finally cleared but then the pain kept me up all night for a week!

I'll be thinking of you on the 11th and try to enjoy yourself as much as you can during the holidays. Regards to Elvis,