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Hey, Tammy:

So glad to hear you're doing relatively well. So much of dealing with this garbage is realizing that you may never be pain-free. I certainly had that "I'm going to be pain-free" attitude post-fusion because my cervical fusion did pretty well, but we've all got to roll with the punches.

Right now I've had 5 good days in a row on my new meds, so I am hopefull for the future, yet still not thrilled about taking neurontin. Still, I tolerate it better than Lyrica, which caused my coworkers to nickname me "Loopy Lisa". The meds don't take away all my pain, and I really don't want them raised just yet, so I'm coping.

Glad you're able to garden and enjoy your hobbies, although you've had to make some sacrifices. I still can't bend to clean the cat's litterbox, ha ha. Can't or won't? ;)