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Wow, ok one thing at a time. Get the test results back and see where the discs are or are not damaged. Then work on getting what treatment best suits the area. I had a L4-5laminectomy at age 33, but had problems since I was 17 in that area. This year I had ACDF on C5-6. I have degenerative disc disease. It runs in my family. It is important to get the pain under control first and try to not aggravate the inflamed areas. It sounds like the nerves are being very irritated and there are medicines to help with that (I take Lyrica for that part of it.) Your husband is probably afraid of you becoming an invalid, this is not to be expected so young, however it is important to seek out good care to prolong quality of life. I was an extremely athletic and active person until after my child's birth, it seemed to set off a hormonal storm that led to thyroid disease and other strange things in my body. I would suggest if you are not already, to start taking Caltrate+D to help keep your bones strong. There are many exercises you can do to help keep your core body strength which helps to support the back/spine. I know it is really overwhelming, but hang in there and continue to seek treatment. Just a suggestion, but I personally would not get chiropractic treatment with DDD. The spine is more fragile within the disc spaces. Check out your options and do what you feel is best for you, not what is convenient for others in your life. This does not improve over age it deteriorates so proactive now is better for later!