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Thank you so much.

The PT is out of town and will call me next week. I'll just tell him I basically can't do anything - and hopefully, he'll agree to wait. My dr mentioned I could get a driving service - but why, if I can't move once I get there??!!

I am on oxycodone (10), and take 2 at a time every 4 hours, still. I was on oxycontin w/ it for the 3 weeks after surgery, but now just the oxycodone and Lyrica. They don't seem to touch the pain much.

I'm glad you all are telling me I'm normal. W/ 2 young kids, I questioned doing this surgery so close to Christmas. I wanted them to have a good Christmas. The doctor's words were, "Well at 4 to 6 weeks post-op, I would hope you would be feeling much better than you are right now."

Well of course, I jumped in! He then gave me the story of a Dynamic Fixation patient of his who went to the gym and did the stationary bike at 2 weeks.

So of course, I was expecting to be much better by now.

And, the nurses always say, "You mean you're STILL worse than before, even WITH the pain meds????" The answer is, YES!

So thank you all for making me feel normal. And.....so at this time - at about 8 weeks - you all had pain that was worse than when you walked in for the operation? I guess that's my question now.

Thank you all. I've fought back from being depressed all these years, but I have to admit, surgery got me.