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If you pain is this bad, please do yourself a favor and call your surgeon or whomever is managing your pain. I will pray that they respond with dignity to you and switch around your meds to provide you with some much needed relief.

I can't remember if you are on any nerve medications such as lyrica, neurotin, topomax, cymbalta, elavil, etc. If not, this might be something your doctor would consider adding to your medications.

If you have had chronic nerve pain for awhile remember that the nerve is not going to heal overnight, it may take months or even years to completely heal. We all pray it better sooner and I am sure your cringed when I said it could take years but I believe in honesty. Also remember during surgery they moved that nerve around so it will be inflammed for awhile.

May it help to know that you have many people who are praying for you daily and that are here to chat with you 24/7.

God Bless.