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My PM told me about a month ago that my pain was intractable and that a spinal cord stimulator was all he could recommend when Lyrica and ESIs didn't work, that he was uncomfortable prescribing narcotics because it makes patients "unmotivated" and that I should see another doc he knows who is more liberal with meds. :mad: I found a new pain doc (not the one he recommended) and, as you know, have managed without having to get the stimulator.

My big question, which is to date still unanswered, is WHY specifically is there nerve pain and what is the prognosis for relieving it? Forgive me for not remembering (thank you neurontin!) if you told us already, but have you had any diagnostic tests showing where the pain is coming from? Is it different pain than your pre-surgical pain? I like to ask for a treatment plan and also ask for Plan B if Plan A doesn't work. Not that the docs want to tell me Plan B. I get told not to worry, which annoys me because I like to know my options. Would it be helpful for you to have an EMG to see how your nerves are doing and which are impacted? Did you have one pre-surgery that they can compare it to? Does the doc think that you will be able to get off the meds at some point? Is it possible for the nerves to heal themselves in time? Do you still have all your reflexes in your legs? My left leg has very weak reflexes, if at all, and my surgeon told me that was a sign of nerve damage.

Hope I didn't bombard with you questions, but I have the same ones and our situations are a little bit similar, though I did fare pretty well post-surgery and only really got bad about 15 months post-op.

As an aside, it took about a year after my cervical fusion for the nerves to quiet down and I thought they never would, but they did.

I hope you get some answers tomorrow and good recommendations for further diagnostics/treatment.