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Saw the surgeon today, he said the pain in my legs will last three months, he was not surprised at all that I wound up in the ER on dec 22nd for uncontrolled pain. He only asked why they did not do a MRI, and what they said about the xray. I told him they said "eveything looked in place on the xray" he says "NO, everything IS in place". whatever. His arrogance is incredible.
He says the nerve pain is because of the disc space being stretched by the cage and at the proper height now, he went on to say he wanted to use a bigger cage but didn't and had he done so I would have been in even more pain! He said it so glib, so unfeeling.
He told me the two nerve medications Nerontin and Lyrica I cannot take because I am on Topamax. He basically said it sucks to be me, because I have migraines and that is why I take the topamax, he told me to talk to my nero about going off the topamax to go on the nerve medication. I know my nero will not want me off the topamax, it is the only medication he has found that has even semi controlled my migraines. I asked him what am I suppose to use for the pain, he said he will prescibe 5mg of percocet but of course you can become addicted, you body can build of tolerance, etc etc.
I am not filling his rx, I am waiting to see my pm doctor on the 16th. I am loosing faith in my surgeon.
He is doing an MRI, not sure why, he couldnt tell me either. It was like each question we asked he ignored or just asked us a question. He did say something about a pinched nerve so maybe thats what they are looking for.
I said I was very hopeful I will fuse, and he says "you WILL fuse". Forgot he was God and I would not dare wreck his pefection. Sorry, there is just so much arrogance and uncaring one can take in a day.

Thanks for listening, yet again.