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I don't know about any one else but I'm tired of pain! I have had failed spinal fusion at L4, L5 , and sacrum. I am in constant PAIN! If I do house work of any kind my Back starts hurting and it heats up like its on fire. If I walk 500 ft {example} my back feels like it is on fire an starts hurting so bad that my legs will shake then I feel like my legs are going to buckle under neath me . When I go to th grocery store am in tears before I'm through! I take 200 mg of MS Contin 3 times a day, 30 mg of Roxicodone 4 times a day 6mg tizanadene 3 times a day for muscle spasms . :( Also when I try to sleep at night waking up every 1 to 2 hours in so much pain that i can't get comfortable , when lying on the right or left side makes no difference. The only thing that I can think of is that its nerve pain steroids help But having type 2 diabetes all that done was run my sugar up, tried neorontin , lyrica, antiflamitory one after a nother . I am scheduled for another MRI the end of Jan. I hope that they schedule me to see a neurosurgen or do something soon! Does any one else have a sugestion of a medicine or treatment that I can suggest to my pain DR. to help relieve me of some of my PAIN PLEASE!!!:(:(:(
I think I can speak for just about everyone here when I say yes, of course, we are all tired of pain.

Who is this "they" that you want to schedule you to see a neurosurgeon? Does that mean you don't have a surgeon at this point? Because of course, that's exactly what you need to do.....see a spine specialist and have another MRI and see what is going on and what, if anything, can be done to help you. There is another kind of spine specialist you might consider and that is an Orthopedic Spine Specialist. That would be an ortho with intense training in neurosurgery and he limits his practice to the spine only. I, personally, have found them easier to work with than the ns. Just my opinion, of course.

Other than neurontin and Lyrica, you could try Cymbalta or topomax for the nerve pain and it's something you need to discusss with the doctor.

I'm sure you could get more help if you posted more about your situation tho the board is always slower on weekends. You may get more responses later in the weekend.

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Indigo"]Hi Jerris,

Welcome to the boards. I think you'll find your own little piece of home on this board and also over on the pain mgmt board. There are many wonderful, knowledgeable people here. Don't be afraid to post anytime day or night, there's usually someone logged on at all times, even if you just need to vent, we understand :).

I would like to say that I'm so tired of pain too :mad:. It gets old, doesn't it? What our friends and family and even our doctors don't understand is that pain has stopped our lives. We can't live a normal life with chronic pain.

Are you currently seeing a PM (pain mgmt) doctor? Is he the doctor prescribing your meds? Have you been on the same doses of your pain meds for a while now? It could be that your body has simply built up a tolerance to your current doses, maybe your doctor just needs to up your meds. When is your next appt?

It does also sound like you're having some severe nerve pain. Have you tried Topamax? I've been taking it for 3 mths now and I love it. I've tried neurontin and lyrica previously. For the first 6 wks Topamax made me feel "dumb" (apparently topamax affects your frontal lobe in your brain) but since my body has adjusted to it, I feel fine. The great side effect to Topamax is weight loss. It kills your appetite. I've lost almost 30 lbs without effort. I would recommend that you talk to your doctor about trying Topamax to see if it's for you.

I'm a victim of "failed fusion syndrome" too. What a nice club to be forced into, hun? Lol. Sometimes you have to laugh, otherwise you'd cry. The other day I was watching an Extreme Makeover, Home Edition episode from October and this 8 yr old little girl had cancer and every evening, even when she was vomiting from having chemo, she would take teddy bears to other sick kids at her local hospital. That day I was really down b/c I was having a bad pain day and after watching that show, I realized I'd rather have chronic pain than battle cancer. If that little girl could fight cancer, I can fight chronic pain. My battle is nothing compared to hers. It definately gave me a new perspective on my back/pain problems.

Have you tried using a heating pad on your back? I LOVE my heating pad. There's nothing like scorching my back pain away. I turn it up full blast and burn my back until I can't take the heat anymore, literally. I know no doctor would say that's healthy but we all have to figure out what makes our own pain better and my heating pad is my saving grace :D.

Please keep us updated on how you're doing. I sincerely wish you the best. Take care.[/FONT]
Jerris, I have some of the same problems as you. My surgery was Sept. 2006. I've tried everything. On my own I decided to get referred to pain management. There were none in my insurance plan but my dr. referred me to one that takes the insurance only. So far I had the three steroid shots and two facet shots. This last shot has actually lessened the lower back pain. My leg pain is still there. The electric shocks are better too. So who knows, maybe something is working. Won't get my hopes up. This way won't be too disappointed. You never know. At my request they took me off the Lyrica and put me on Topomax. Have not tried it yet. Sent it out to the mail away pharmacy. I go again in two weeks for my 6th and I assume last shot. This place picks you up home, drives you home. They knock you out. The doctors are nice. Have not found any thing wrong with them except for my first visit when the dr. said I should have never had surgery and never should have had the disc taken out. Could have gone on not knowing about that.
:mad:Hessi I have read the threads in here.my DRS experience was horrible and rude I was so mad I wanted to do things to this person I can't say what but am still mad. I explained to her that I have been researching neuropathy on the pc. and that my primary took me off the Lyrica an this other thing they wanted me to take I couldn't take (Ralifen) for inflamation DO NOT TAKE IF ALLERGIC TO ASPRIN just like this on the information adverse effects . She couldn't understand why my primary took the lyrica because of the extreme swelling in my legs, and didn't like it because I refused the ralifen. I am not gonna take something that I am allergic to, and I am not gonna take somthing that makes my problems worse or do nothing at all. I was told no that topomax was for MIGRAINES, (Iknew that) but also explained to her about my research and no couldn' t have it! Then ask about cymbalta somone else suggested that an no it was for somthing else!!! She really made me feel likde a criminal I told her that I was Tired of being in PAIN and would like to know why. It was really a bad day I requested that I see the DR that I have been seeing or the main DR on my next visit because I seen her one time and that was enough!!! Moldova I guess I am gonna have to find my own DR for the tests and DX of the reason am having so much pain Like I told Hessie about my DRvisit today I am still sooo mad!!!I know it only makes the pain worse by getting upset, But somtimes THEY make me sooo Mad!!!! Thank you and every one for your concern and understanding it really makes a person feel some better just haveing a place like this to get information to maybe help our situation its just the DR's Who won't cooperate!! Jerris:mad:
Jerris, I think alot of these doctors are just like robots. I like where I go for pain management but it is like a factory. They herd you in like cattle. They charge $5,000 to the insurance for a 10 minute shot if that long. They did make me feel a little strange when they asked me how the shots worked and I said they didn't. They looked at me like I was lying. Then I had to ask for a refill on the Oxycodone. I also asked for a higher dose because I was taking 5mg and they were not doing anything. My prescription for over a year was one every 12 hours. Some days I would take one per day or 5 per day. So she said to take every 4-6 hours. So last time I asked for a higher dose. So they gave me 10mg. They tell me to take every 4-6 hours before the pain starts. That makes no sense to me so I only took if in pain. This time I asked about changing the Lyrica. The dr. said he could do that and was very nice. The other dr. gave me a strange look. Maybe I am paranoid. I wanted to stand up and scream at all the people in the O.R. that I was the one that requested pain management because I wanted off the pain meds. It was not because my dr. wanted me off them. He was content to keep refilling. I felt the Lyrica was causing swelling and weight gain. My Neurologist increases it to six 75mg pills per day. He tells me to talk to the pain managment people. What happened to the old days where you went to one doctor and they did it all? I read the Topomax was for migraines too. I guess it is used for nerve pain too. I guess a migrane is really nerve pain when you think about it. Not sure. I will let you know how it works once I get it. Sorry you had to deal with the idiots at the dr. Give them a day in our pain and there would be changes.
Hi there! I am so sorry you are dealing with doctors who are not being compassionate. I think we all have dealt with a few in our journey of spinal pain and I pray that soon you will find that compassionate doctor who really listens to you and provides you the help you so deserve.

I highly recommend that you look for a new docor and let someone fresh look at your overall case. Make sure that they are a spinal surgeon (an orthopedic with an additional period of training usually 2 years or more in spinal surgery).

Collect all of your current records and take them to this new doctor. If your old doctor questions it simply explain that you appreciate their excellent care; however, since you continue to have pain that you would like a brand new set of eyes to look over your case. I recommend that you simply do not burn your bridges because you may need them later on for one reason or another.

I so understand about fighting to go on cymbalta or topomax with my surgeon. He absolutely refused to let me try them because he had no experience with the medication. I ended up going to my GP and explaining that I really liked my surgeon; however, I was beginning to sense his frustration with my case because I was not getting better and that he was making me frustrated. I explained about my unrelenting nerve pain and that we had tried the typical lyrica, elevil, palemor, neurotin, etc and had reactions or they simply did zilch for me.

I told him about reading up on nerve pain meds and that I found these two meds and was wondering if he would feel comfortable perscribing them because I really wanted to reduce my meds and get off them if possible and I was willing to try anything to find some relief. He agreed to research it and the next day my gp prescribed it. Yahoo!!

You might also try talking in detail with your family doctor and ask him for help and guidance about what he would do with your overall case if you were a family member. Tell him you are desperate for help and becoming very frustrated - all you want to do is find some relief.

Good luck and keep posting!!