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Today I saw my GP and he is taking over my pain meds effective with my next refill. PRAISE THE LORD! He is very concerned about my new found balance issues since surgery and he stepped out of the room for a minute and called a neurologist. The neurologist said that a nerve conduction test should not be done now because of my pain levels and recent surgery. The neurologist said that we needed to give my nerves time to calm down and he would recommend nerve medications for a full 6 months to one year. The neurologist recommended that I try Lyrica one more time and go on cymbalta. (There goes my weight loss!! :()

However, my general practioner did not feel comfortable writing the Lyrica prescription until he talks in detail with the pharmacist because of my severe reaction to neurotin and he wants to talk to a psychologist about switching me from prozac to cymbalta.

My GP also stated that he talked to my surgeon last week and he said my surgeon is talking Failed Back Syndrome.:confused: and that I will never be well again. My GP said he hates to put that label on me at age 43.

Overall I think my appt went well until failed back syndrome was thrown up there. Now , I don't know what to think.
Hi Pepper,
I agree with Emily. How can the surgeon possibly be talking failed back syndrome when you are still such a fresh post op? I agree also that it could be his way of bowing out and not having to deal with the issues surrounding your surgery. He has been VERY negative since surgery, not really giving you any hope or suggestions. And then on top of everything.....not to give you your meds. He has not given you any reason to put a lot of faith in what he says.
Your GP sounds very caring and thorough. He is doing all the research to make sure he is giving you appropriate care and meds. I applaud him for that. As far as the Cymbalta goes, I have lost weight on that especially in the beginning. It made me nauseous and I wasn't hungry at all. It is much better now but I still don't overeat, just a little nauseous now and then. I'm sure he will follow you closely if he determines that Lyrica is worth another try. I can see where it would make you nervous though since you had such a bad reaction to those meds before.
Pepper, after they get your pain under control you can concentrate on getting up and around and feeling better. You are young and highly motivated. The human body is amazing and people have come back from injuries and illnesses that no one ever thought was possible. Keep the faith and prove that surgeon wrong!
I am saying an extra prayer for you tonight that God will give you the strength to get through this tough time in your life and that he will bless you with his healing powers. Hang in there girl. I care about you!

We have been off school since November 19th and tomorrow I want to start back on 2 subjects a day then hopefully next week we can add another subject. I need to get us back on track.

I am not moving that well at all - I did walk 150 ft for the last 2 days but at the end of that my nerve pain is burning something fierce. We are hopeful that once I get some nerve pain meds in that it will allow it to calm down and I can slowly build up.

My surgeon did release me to start walking and pool therapy as tolerated. I am also allowed to climb the stairs once a day but no more than that since the steps are a trigger for me.

My parents are flying out tomorrow and my MIL is now here for 2 more weeks. What a lucky gal I am!! I am doing no cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc. I have plenty of help so that I can concentrate on healing.

I am unable to sit up for more than 5 to 10 minutes because of the back pain. I also am not allowed to drive beause of the narcotics I am on.

I am able to lay down and sleep during the day as needed; however, I am trying not to sleep more than 45 min at a time because I can't sleep at night then. As it is I am sleeping from 3 ish in the morning to 6:30 am. if I am lucky because of the pain. I average about 5 hours a sleep a day. My GP said that if the addition of meds do not help that we will be addressing this as well.

My GP is researching long term pain meds for me next month and told me that he may change my pain meds but he does not want to change pain meds and add lyrica and cymbalta at the same time. Then we would have no clue what helped with the pain or if I had a reaction what caused the reaction, etc.

I agree I don't want to accept failed back syndrome either. I want to hang onto HOPE but I also am realizing that surgery may not be an answer anymore. I have had 4 surgeries and am getting worse - I really want to be worked up by a neurologist but it looks like they want to wait another six months to a year to do it.

Deb, thank you for your positive words and extra prayer tonight. I will take all the prayers I can get. I found out today that I am ineligible for social security because I was self employed and did not earn enough in the last 5 years. :( Everyone going thru spinal problems needs to realize that it is very important that if you are self employed that you need to earn a specific amount of $$ and pay certain dollar amount of fica to be eligible for social security. I have enough work quarters I just did not pay enough fica in the last few years because I went to self employment on account of my deteroriating back pain i.e. unable to be super mom and work with the amount of pain I was under I went part-time. Very Tricky!!

Thank you for your support.
Diet, I had been on Lyrica prior to surgery why i dont really know as I didnt have nerve pain............. but I think at this stage they were just trying anything. Weight gain........... none......... so dont worry about weight, think of your back and dont even go down the failed back syndrome ........ thought they only say that after 2 years etc..... wheres all this info we have on the months go by and we see the improvements not in weeks. Diet look after yourself, sorry to hear some of the helpers are leaving you, but you are very luckey to have had for so long. I would have given anything for my mum to helped me mentally to get thru my fusion, (she died 2 years ago at the age of 63, found out the 9th of march and she died the 8th of May) But when she was dying she said when I am up there I am going to have a word with the Lord and tell him you have suffered enough and if I can do anything up there it will be get the Lord to fix your back !). When i pray to her at night I laugh and say mum having a bad day here, are you just chatting up there, get working girl !!!!.

Diet look after yourself and the old text books are being dusted down and school begins. Take care and dont over do it.
Round 1
:D Chatter you crack me up. Isn't your surgery soon?

My GP called me back tonight and has placed me on 20 mg. of cymbalta for one week than 40 mg. starting next week. He has decided to hold off on the Lyrica. After thinking about it overnight, he only wants to start one medication at a time in case I have a reaction we will know which med caused the reaction. He wants someone to be around me 24/7 for the next week because of the severe reactions I have had to nerve medicines in the past. So here is praying that this will give me some nerve pain relief.
I totally agree with starting one med at a time. BTW, I stayed at 20 mg. of Cymbalta and got a reasonable amount of relief for the 4 months I was on it. I wonder if you can hold at 20 mgs. for a few weeks and then see if you need to go up?

If Lyrica doesn't do the trick, would your GP consider Topamax? It has really been a savior for me. It hasn't fixed everything, but it sure put the dragons (as I call it) away for the most part.

Yes, my pre-op day is tomorrow and surgery is Friday. I'm much more at peace with it than the last one (Feb '07). I'm just ready to move on with this and my life! :) When I think about all that can go wrong in any surgery, I get anxious, but otherwise, I'm ready.

I hope you understand I try to use a little humor to keep things light - not that I take any part of anyone's situation lightly. I was talking with a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer one year ago - stage 3B - age 33. She's still not out of the woods. It gives me perspective and helps me be grateful for the health that I DO have. I try to smile and laugh when I can. I never want that to be misinterpreted in my typing...

OK, be good to you and those you love.

Ditto! Way too early to even have heard that from the doctor! I remember when I heard that same crappy and ugly phrase from my back surgeon at 7 months post op. Then my PT was thinking the same thing because of my lack of ability to get beyond a certain point in PT despite many different ways of trying to get me over the hump.

BUT here I am now! Doing well! So chin up, push that nasty phrase out of your head and just concentrate on resting and healing.

You and I are quite alike with the nerve meds. Unfortunately, I could not take either the Neurontin or the Lyrica. I reacted severly to both of them. I later was given a script for the cymbalta but couldn't get up the "nerve" to try it after the other two that put me in harms way.

Try one new one at at time. The only way to go. I do hope that these meds do work for you and bring you some much needed relief.