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Leslie, Welcome back sweetie!! We missed you so much and I am sorry you are a mess. Gosh, why can't we go anywhere and have a blast without hurting so bad? I hope that things will calm down after you have a chance to relax a little.

Leslie, I will give you the shortened version. My surgeon basically given up on me - says I have failed back syndrome - refused to refill my meds - had to return to my gp - tons of nerve pain and balance issues - given a cane - gp called a neurosurgeon while I was in his office - neurosurgeon wants me on cymbalta and to give lyrica a second chance under close supervision for at least 6 months then he will review my case - gp is going to talk with head pharmacist becaues of my severe reaction to neurotin and psychologist concerning switching me from prozac to cymbalta - surgeon told GP that I have failed back syndrome - social security denied me. Other than that I am thankful to be alive and for my sanity. :D
Diet, oh my....
this is not at all what we expect...wanted so much more relief for you...you gave it the best try you could...your GP sounds like a wonderful person..at least he is trying to help you. The old neuro. sounds like a pain...geez....if you fail you fail...but you still need help...to cut you off like that is just unbelievable. If you need a cane, so be it. Better than falling...falling is BAD..my problems are the end result of falling.. My Mother in law crocheted the best thing for the holidays for persons who use canes...turns the suckers into giant candy canes...just slides on the cane....she actually won first prize for her creation at a large FAIR in New England!!! I have a friend who has to use a cane..we sent her the original candy cane wrapper...which she uses and got a big kick out of..... Maybe changing the meds. will help you a bit....I personally cannot take neurontin...it made me soooo stupid..maybe the cymbalta will work for you...lyrica I have not experience with. What a wonderful GP to get you a new neuro...talk with the pharmacist etc... You know that I wish you the best in this new effort to get rid of the pain...I will be praying for you...
I don't know if it was the traveling that got me...or just not being as active once we got to our destination...all in all....you know the story...just want it to go away!!!
Welcome back Sage, so you were in snow country, must have been beautiful to see, but I'm sure being in the cold wasn't pleasant, I always like the look of snow, but I cannot stand the cold air anymore. It's so warm here, supposed to be 75 today, so freaky this weather, but won't last for long, so I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Diet, you try and hang in there, I'm on Lyrica and I must say it is helping me with my nerve pain, I tried neurontin years ago and too couldn't stand that med I was just too dopped up from it, but lyrica is doing the job for me, I got this med from my GP, not from my pain doc. all he would prescribe was narcotics, of which I only take now as needed, and since I do that they help when I truly need them, when I was on them all the time they stopped working.

Anyways, glad to see Sage back, but not glad to hear that you have new pains, this is not good, so I hope that you get some answers soon, and some meds that will help, hang in there.