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Let me start out with a little history, Im 34, and have been dealing with back issues for the better part of 3 years now. In Jan 2005, I had a lumbar mri performed which showed herniation at l4-l5 and l5-S1. Shortly after the mri was performed I had 2 set of epidural injections that were performed by my pain management doc, neither of those provided any relief from the symptoms that I was having, which at the time were burning pain down my left leg and intense lower back pain. The pm started me on neurontin for the pain, along with vicodin as needed. While 2 years later, I am having numbness in my left leg, tingling around both heals (left and right) and reducded range of motion. I saw a new ortho last week and he changed the pain meds to lyrica, tramadol and meloxicam. The lyrica I have taken intermittently before and havent had any adverse effects to. The tramadol and meloxicam I have no experience with, so heres the issue. I started them both last week. Im still having issues with the numbness and lower back pain and now Im not sleeping. Not sure if they are related. Additionally, I have been having for about 2 months mid back pain about even with the bottom of my rib cage. My GP ordered a thoracic scan and it showed a slight bulge at T10-T11. The ortho mentioned open discectomy and spinal fusion, indicating that one would help the nerve issues in the leg and the other the low back pain. Im not thrilled with the thought of either. Has anyone had any experience with either the meds Tramadol and/or Meloxicam or with either of these procedures? Just dont know what to do next.