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It has been a long time since I have posted, figured I would stay in the background as my surgery(L4-5- S-1 fusion with instrumentation) was not a success. That surgery was my third lumbar surgery. MRI and CT scan have proven that the grafting took place on one side and not the other. There is permanent nerve damage, proven by the EMG. There is also a small herniation at level T9-10, which was never discovered until this last MRI. The CT scan also showed a tumor on my kidney. Now must see another specialist-----go figure!!!! I am so tired of Dr.s! Went in for the one year visit, and was told we need surgery #4. He wants to do a revision surgery and a fusion at L3. I will never be able to work again. What a nice way to start the New Year! He increased the daily dosage of the Lyrica to 250mg. daily. These pills make me so irritable and CRABBY!!! The only good news is that I have an brand new baby Granddaughter! My daughter was in the hospital for 5 days(3 days of labor) and I lived up there with her. The wee little one was worth the pain I was in. I am putting of the surgery as long as I can. Hope everyone else is doing better than I have been. There are many success stories out there, however, there are disappointments as well.