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Hi Everyone,
I have permanent nerve damage in my left foot & leg. It is severe, if I didn't take the meds I take I would not beable to live with my pain. I will be on these meds for life, but thats ok like I said I know how it feels without the meds. I was screaming, literally, before the nerve meds. Nowit bothers me but it's livable most times. I do know living in cleveland is the worst place with the cold temps, ths cold makes it much worse and nothing helps that. I am permanently disabled from the severity of nerve damage I have. Guess there is a broad spectrum of levels of nerve damage out there.

Should this get intolerable for you there are meds that helps tremendously. I was on neurontin but the dosage was 2700mg a day and that was taking it's toll on me so we switched to 450mg lyrica a day and it does help.

I hope you get better from this, I would definatly bring it up to your doc next visit.

God Bless