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Yeah, the lord does work in mysterious ways. It's really too bad I couldn't take this trip when I was young and pain free because I have always wanted to do something like that. But, playing in the snow was what I wanted most so I did get that! I'm sorry I worried everyone. I was worried too but when the doc said to give it a try, that other part of me kept nagging away. Lessons Learned. I'm just so thankful I didn't learn it the hard way and end up on a stretcher.

Still having a tough time with the Lyrica. It makes me so dizzy. I thought after a few weeks, that would go away. Something new to talk to the doc about on the 2nd. Meds are still working well. Lyrica does nothing for my nerve pain and sciatica, MsContin still working very well for the back pain. I have more pain than initially but still nothing like with the oxy or hydrocodone. I wish everyone pain free days....