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[QUOTE=Jeff2263;3408321]I have a bulging and hernitated disc in L4-L5 and S1. One of these discs are really pushing into my spinal canal. If I don't do surgery like my neurosurgeon has recommended, can that herniated disc do more damage to my spinal canal?

Hi Jeff

I had the same thing. I don't know what nerves were being compressed, but two microneurosurgeons said I had the worst case they had seen and the MRI showed all black at the L4-L5 area, meaning that there was severe nerve compression. They were very worried about the weakness and numbness in both my legs and concerned about me possibly experiencing the condition where it presses on the nerve that controls your bladder, bowel, sexual feeling so I had surgery within 2 weeks of my diagnosis. The surgery went very well indeed. I was in physical therapy over a couple months and after that I was working out and living a pretty normal life. I had surgery at the end of May 2007.

Well, I started having some issues in December ....lower back pain and some numbness in my upper right thigh (no pain or weakness though) and they did a MRI again and it showed that everything looked fine. Well, follow up with microneurosurgeon was basically to address the lower back pain and monitor the numbness. Oh yeah, and to go back to physical therapy and keep the back exercises up (I had quit doing them over the holidays...my bad). The numbness dissipated after a few weeks. The back got better too for about a week and then boom, last week I had such severe pain in my leg I thought I was going to die. This time, I have total numbness in my shin and the pain was so bad they gave me morphine and sent me home with pain killers, muscle relaxers, and lyrica (for nerve pain control). They are sending me for epidural injections, an EMG and nerve control test and also a CT myelogram (which is stressing me out just thinking about it). Apparently, I also have DDD and something else that was mentioned on my first MRI analysis (cant recall what it is) that may be playing a factor in this. Might be that the surgery was the best thing. I think having sex with my boyfriend might have caused this flare up and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced problems after becoming sexually active post back surgery????? It was 6 months before I became sexually active post back surgery so you would think that wouldn't be an issue, but maybe it jarred something out of place. I'm really not that acrobatic though ;)

Just for the record though, I don't regret the surgery. It alleviated the pain and prevented permanent nerve damage and got me back to feeling good. Right now, I'm just annoyed I don't know what is causing my current problem. Grrr.