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What timing for your back to go out. You poor thing!! I am so sorry this happened to you.

Have you tried the normal home remedies: alternating with heat and ice for 20 minutes at one time, hot baths, laying with pillows under your legs/between your legs, not lifting, not bending, not twisting, taking aleve/ibuprophen/advil or motrin around the clock, bengay/icy hot at night, etc?

If your pain is not any better, I would consider going to an urgent care or your family doctor so that you can get on some medicine to let it relax over the weekend and they can order the proper tests that they see fit.

It does sound like it could be nerve related from your description and unfortunately pain meds will not touch that pain. You would need a lyrica, neurotin, topomax, elavil, palemor or something like one of these meds that are used for nerve pain.

Good luck and keep us posted.