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I, too, have wondered about my fybro-like symptoms.

I had a two level cervical fusion in Jan 2007. My issues prior to surgery were in my arms, neck and shoulders, nothing in my lower extremities. About 4-5 months after surgery, I develped all kinds of weird feelings and symptoms throughout my body, which led to a trip to Mayo Clinic. There I was told I had atypical migraines. That explained the sharp pains behind my right eye and the numbness/tingling in and around my lips. I was also told I probably have some nerve damage acting like neuropathy in my feet.

To this day, I continue to hurt all over. At the end of the day, my feet burn, my legs ache, I have almost continual pain between my shoulder blades when I'm sitting on the computer or driving.

I wouldn't say that I'm too tender to be touched, like the lady on the Lyrica commercials says! Although Lyrica was one of the drugs my neuro had me trying last summer.

As most of us know, the pain can be depressing (duh!). And, being depressed can cause body achiness (is that word?!) Seems sort of like a vicious cycle, doesn't it??

I have heard that tanning helps a friend of mine with fibro. I agree with the folks who feel like the cold is affecting their pain - I am feeling that too. Heat just plain feels good, and does promote healing.

So, let's all start praying for a great big thaw across the country!