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I have new pain in my neck, upper and mid back, severe pain in my shoulder as well. Along with memory loss/fog and confusion. I can hardly move my arm. I also have more numbness in both arms and hands, my balance is impaired now. I think I did something else to my back. My PM doctor does not seem concerned.

I already have 24 herniated disks. DDD, spinal stenosis, Radiculopathy, nerve pain and a SCS implant for my lower back and legs.

I was doing great after the SCS implant untill I went to PT. Then I went straight down hill fast!

My doctor just took me off neurontin and put me on Cymbalta. I am to have an upper EMG. With the Cymbalta I am not sleeping much only 3-4 hours a day. I just can't sleep anymore. I also take ultram and flexeral. I have already tried lyrica and a few others that I do not remember the names of them.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Cindy:)