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I would say it is much too early to call my surgery a success -- but so far it hasn't been as bad as I was expecting.

I was given some sort of morphine after surgery. It was in my IV and I had a button I could push every 6 minutes. That was sufficient to control my pain. When I came home I was given oxycodone and lyrica to take all the time, and hydroco/apap and a muscle relaxer "as needed." I would recommend that you talk to your surgeon prior to the surgery about what medications you will be given, any concerns you have about that, etc. I think it's easier to get this all straight before your surgery.

I had heard that N.J. was having a milder than usual winter. I live in southern Wisconsin near Lake Michigan and we have had snow almost every other day since Nov. 15th; we had a 12" storm that is just ending now. We are having much more snow than usual.