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Hi Everyone,
Well called my spine dr. today, go to see him on the 18th. I just can't ignore the pain (literally) in my butt, lol, and back on the right side now. It's really getting much worse, when I sit mosty. Standing and walking arent' horrible yet but I know where it's headed and I'm not waiting until it's way down in my leg.

I'm not too sure what they can do, I'm not a candidate for any surgery with my sugar & BP just getting under control last week. The injections I had last summer didn't do anything whatsoever.

I do know with the battery of meds I take I can't imagine how this pain is coming thru it all. We all know the butt & leg pain is nerve pain and my lyrica is 450mg a day now. I keep trying to ignore it and hope it goes away but it's not.

I did do the exercises today and that made my spirits better and it did make my body feel good to move around so much again. No the butt & leg pain wasn't aggravated by it. It was was there before I ever got out of bed today and it really isn't any better or worse from the exercise, guess thats good huh.

Well just wanted to update you all, and maybe we can stockpile a big bunch of prayers by the 18th and then cash them in for a good outcome then, lol, can't blame me for trying can ya?

God Bless