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My new PM said that Flexeril isn't that good for muscle spasms. I take it right now and it does nothing for mine but we are trying to find what works for me and when something doesn't, I go back to the Flexeril until the next one starts. (it does work for other stuff) I just had injections so he wants to wait a few weeks to see if the injections work or not. If they do, he will know it wasn't from the meds etc. Recently we tried Lyrica which didn't work very well for me. Actually, it worked, but my vision was so blurry and I itched all over for the entire time I was on it. Next we will try Neurotin. Topomax is often used but my mother had a very ugly reaction to it so I won't even attempt it. So, hopefully this will give you at least a few more names. I hope you find one that works well for you!