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Shragie, the only nerve med I ever tried was Lyrica, which was this past summer. However, I was only having mild nerve pain then in my outer hip areas. My rheumy gave me this med, but I didnt go to him for any nerve pain as it was mild. I went to him b/c I was having a flare of joint pains all over, new pains in my hands, eye problems (wasnt sure if it was related) and low grade fever. He then gave me a script for Lyrica & told me it was to help my muscles. So it made no sense at all because my muscles werent hurting, plus I though Lyrica was for nerve pain. But whatever. I took it, and at that time, it seemed to help a little bit with the nerve pain in my hip areas. It did not help my joint pains or fever or eye problems. My muscles didnt feel any different either. It was a 30 day supply and that was it. And he didnt want me to come back LOL. I get the impression he does not want to deal with me anymore.

I have a new PM now and have a follow up appt. tomorrow (after having my 3 ESI's). I'm going to ask him if he thinks the stinging might be nerve related, plus I have some other issues popping up again just recently that I wonder if it's related to my spine, but thats another thread's worht LOL